Use your head please

Several times a week I read something about folks who are upset about some information that SCIENCE has presented them and who choose to deny it. The extreme cases, I am sad to say, involve fundamentalist Christians who try to argue against evolution or who claim that the Earth is only 30,000 years old. The questions I want to ask these people go like this:
1. Do you use a cell phone?
2. How about a computer?
3. Do you drive a car?
Once we’ve established that there is something that they do that involves SCIENCE, the next question is:
What difference is there between the methods that produced your technological marvel and the methods that tell us the age of the Earth or that explain the fossil record?

There is no difference. Same SCIENCE all the way around.

If you believe that your cell phone will allow you to call your pastor to complain about the curriculum standards of your state board of education, why do you think the Grand Canyon was formed in a day? It’s a bad look, my brothers and sisters in Christ — it makes you seem stupid or hypocritical or both. Think about how this appeals to seekers. It makes them think that they have to turn off their brain before they can cross the threshold of a church, which is far from the truth.

Allow me to suggest that you try to get past how much of the world around you makes you uncomfortable and think about how to reach those who need to be reached. Looking defiantly foolish is not a good approach. Trust me on this.

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