Monthly Archives: February 2014

When you set out to wreak mayhem, don’t forget the important things

This morning, a young woman got on the light rail a few stops after I did. She had pink & blue hair and the kind of colorful swirly skirt & tights getup you’d expect from that description – well, that people in Portland expect. She also carried a folded tripod and what appeared to be an M-4 assault rifle. Closer inspection of the latter revealed that it appeared to be a replica – the spray-on glitter was a subtle clue here. Still, it was a pretty convincing replica at first glance. Nobody said a word.

Her problem, as it turned out, was not her choice of fireams, it was that she neglected to buy a ticket. Yes, we had a fare inspector aboard who was working his way through the car. A few minutes after he got to Ms Pink and Blue, I heard the ominous radio crackle which means only one thing to a seasoned mass transit rider – she had no proof of fare, and the inspector was calling it in.

Let that be a lesson to all you would-be mass shooters: you can carry your M-4 on light rail, but don’t forget your fare.

Love on the Westside Express

On my morning trip on the commuter rail, I often see a couple of young women traveling together. They keep to themselves, occasionally leaning against each other and speaking in low voices. Usually, though, they just snuggle and doze. They are clearly crazy about each other in their low-profile way.

Seeing them reminds me of John 13:34, where Christ says,“As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” What makes me sad is that some people who profess to follow Christ would be angered by this sight, simply because it is two women. Love is love, to my mind. These two aren’t telling me how to live, they are merely trying to protect each other and stay warm in a cold world. We can never have too much of that kind of devotion.