Monthly Archives: November 2012

What is the price?

I saw this in a blog post on Slate and wanted to share it. The author is Marine Garrett Anderson:

My dead brothers will walk with me and all of the others who remember them. That is part of our service, in this our joy is shared and the important sting of their loss is a reminder to remember how different this gathering of family could be and how each one was a loss that eternally disrupts history. When I awoke the day after Corporal Michael Cohen was killed I had an epiphany that life would forever be this way. I knew he would be attached to me for every happy moment of my life, but he tells me it’s only because he wants to see too, so I let him.


There is no reaction like overreaction

In the wake of the election, I am seeing occasional articles about people who are so upset by the result that they want to secede from the Union. My advice to these sore losers is: don’t the border crossing gate hit you on the way out. Seriously, you can’t put up with a hack politician for four years? As Bobby Shaftoe says in Neal Stephenson’s immortal Cryptonomicon, “Display some f****** adaptability.”