Bus stop diversity

I took my niece’s boy to the bus stop this morning and we got there a little early. I stood there, enjoying the mild morning and watching the kids interact — these are five-year-olds, so they like to interact a lot when they are waiting for the bus. The moms were off to the side in a small group, chatting and keeping one eye on the kids. I suddenly flashed back to the world of academia I used to inhabit. I wondered what these moms would think of terms like acculturation and liminality. Later, I wondered what would happen if I tried to start a conversation about an article I read on Ars Technica about exabyte arrays. I’m not trying to assign relative value to these concepts, or to judge people by appearances. Mostly I was impressed by the amazing tapestry of this world, where people can share the same space and yet be separated by huge gulfs of experience and concern. But we all have a place here and we would all be poorer if anyone was missing. More importantly, we can all agree that the kids need to get on the bus safely.

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